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I'm bouncin whoop whoop
Loud and lit Allan Poe poe shit
I'm bout ta loose that blue

I can't feel hype I man kill hype
Slapped to still life
Actors posin plastic like token
Can't fit my low end splits your ocean
Obey the chosen the latent quotient raised to drogen
Heavy is the head you're blowin
I'm fuckin flippin
Minute ago wasn't schiz but now I'm itchin
Critical condition
Thought I told you not to listen
This road don't stop shiftin
I'm floatin I'm driftin


You ain't heard not my problem
Past ain't poppin calli curbed beyond forgotten
Pervin while them clutch the bottom
Feeders suck like stuck in Stockton
Cuttem off like drunks been clockin
Least three a month prestalkin
Noted symptoms hid like like Laden
Bin through shit like sodom
Instinct man no question looped me into no direction
No footprints in this bleach I tread them don't know yet but thats expected


Caved in my ribs drug out fucked out Samhain skid off bay bridge
Come with me and I'll unhurt you
Keep all I do locked kept your move
Keep all I do locked kept your move
Should we be worried what I'm not
Heard bleeders knock all types a shit
Is of no consequence
I'm out there I'm out there
I'm pushin mojo yo yo crack back and blow yo whole set lack
The cojones ta make it clap
Bouncin get up wit it



from Avant Temporal VS. Death Grips EP, released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Avant Temporal Toronto, Ontario

The instrumental music of self produced Canadian guitarist Avant Temporal. Thanks for your support, 100% of it goes right back into recording more music. Let me know what you think on my Facebook page.

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